Sage FAS Fixed Asset Management Software

Finding the right fixed asset management software for you company’s needs is no day at the races.  In fact, it can be a little overwhelming.  Question after question must be asked.  Decision after decision must be decided:

  • Will converting from my spreadsheet or archaic system to an automated system really worth it?
  • Is there software available that will easily integrate with my current General Ledger system?
  • Is there a support system with user training available?
  • Should I use a barcode system?
  • Is there software that can provide a full-circle solution to fixed asset management?
  • Is there a preferred vendor out there winning the popularity contest?

The answer to all of your questions can be found with Sage FAS software.  Sage was formerly known as Best FAS, and not only are they popular, they’re the Homecoming Queen of FAS software.  When we tell you that Sage is chosen 3-to-1 above their competitors, and used by the “Big Four” accounting firms, we’re not just whistling’ Dixie, that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Sage FAS has over 300,000 users nationwide and more than thirty years of service and support under their belt.  Not to mention, Sage FAS is able to encompass a customer range from a couple hundred of assets to 100,000 of fixed assets.

Sage FAS may have formerly been known as Best Software, but by reputation, it’s now the best of the best in fixed asset software.  Okay, maybe we’re bragging a little bit, but, if it walks like a duck and talks like a’re going to think we’re just ducky, too!

Fixed Asset Management Solutions from Sage FAS include

  • FAS 50 Asset Accounting: less than 1,000 assets per company, single desktop system.
  • FAS 100 Asset Accounting: up to 10,000 assets, single to multi-user system, integrates with Asset Inventory, CIP Accounting and additional Report Writer option for flexible reporting requirements or multi-currency.
  • FAS 500 Asset Accounting: unlimited number of assets, alternative accounting periods (4-4-5, 13 periods and more), built in SQL Server for scalability, performance and reliability.
  • FAS 100/500 Asset Inventory: allows you to conduct physical asset inventories with the use of a bar code scanner and custom asset labels for an automated reconciliation - seamlessly integrates with Asset Accounting.
  • Sage FAS 100/500 CIP Accounting : track all money in and out per project, per line item on your open projects before they become fixed assets. Once the line item is completed, electronically send that fixed asset over into Asset Accounting while all historical information is in CIP forever!
  • Sage FAS Gov: stripped of all the federal tax reports, methods, etc. with built in GASB reports and asset allocations.
  • Sage FAS Non-profit: also stripped of federal tax information and depreciation books, with built in asset allocations and non-profit specific reporting.
  • Sage FAS Report Writer: now built on Crystal 11.0; modify most standard reports or create your own.

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Sage Fixed Asset Software

Version 2013 for all Sage Fixed Asset solutions is available to Support subscribers. You can download it at the Sage Customer Portal. Includes Business, Nonprofit and Government editions. >>


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