Fixed Asset Management, Asset Accounting, Inventory Tracking Solutions Many fixed asset managers attempt to calculate depreciation using spreadsheets (14 Reasons Not To Use A Spreadsheet For Depreciation) that they must program and update manually - instead of a fixed asset software system. Creating depreciation spreadsheets (or even home-grown systems) or using a not so robust solution, requires a tremendous expenditure of time, money and they are prone to many problems including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Errors in formulas and miscalculations caused by spreadsheets and human error
  • Changes in tax rules and regulations not being applied when released
  • Lack of audit trails and history tracking and reporting Inability to easily change critical depreciation information: depreciation methods, lives, etc.
  • Limited internal control on fixed asset movement, processes and sox testing
  • Difficulty in exchanging data with other financial or inventory applications
  • Inability to attach other information on fixed asset records
  • Failure to integrate with other fixed asset solutions: asset inventory tracking or planning

Here at Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC, we want to help you get off your spreadsheet(s) or out of your home-grown / out-dated system and make your life of fixed asset accounting simple. The Sage FAS fixed asset management software solutions can inexpensively streamline your fixed asset depreciation and asset inventory tracking activities for a lower cost of ownership and increased productivity. They are all easy to install, customize and use. Sage FAS fixed asset software solutions are comprehensive, seamless integrated solutions that are perfectly suited for businesses any size.
Save money (on out sourcing fees, tax deductions, property tax, insurance premiums, employee time, financial benefits, etc.), depreciation errors and out sourced or manual processing time today. Get an automated fixed asset software solution!



PRESS RELEASE : Dec 03, 2012

New Fixed Asset Management Outsourcing Service Launches

Fixed Asset Consulting, LLC launches new outsourced service for companies that lack the in-house resources or expertise to navigate complexities of fixed asset management. >>


December 2012

Fixed Asset Management Outsourcing Services.

If you’re like most companies, the process of managing and reconciling fixed assets every period stands out as an area of administrative burden and glaring inefficiency. But there’s a better way! >>



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Version 2013 for all Sage Fixed Asset solutions is available to Support subscribers. You can download it at the Sage Customer Portal. Includes Business, Nonprofit and Government editions. >>


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