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Fresh Perspective on
Fixed Asset Management

Knowledge Expert

Recognized knowledge expert in Fixed Asset Management, Angie Chase has over 25+ years of fixed asset management experience across all industries within the mid and large/enterprise (global) market space. Many seek Angie out for her industry knowledge and expertise for full fixed asset management consulting, software selections, policy/procedural writing, project management for internal (and external) physical fixed asset inventories, speaking engagements, and more.

Experiences in the field as a user, not just behind the desk, is what differentiates Angie amongst other professionals in the fixed asset niche. Years working with Finance, Tax, State, Property Tax, Insurance, Cost Segregation, FP&A, and large accounting firms, has provided vast knowledge for all aspects of capital projects and fixed asset life-cycles. 

In the last seven years, Angie has turned her focus to assisting companies in restructuring capital processes, procedures, and as a product manager / designer for other fixed asset software solutions. Other exciting PP&E (property, plant, and equipment) projects have included integrations between ERP systems, add-on modules, workflow approval implementations, and custom reporting solutions.

If your organization is struggling with fixed asset software (lack thereof), management, workflow, or processes today, book an appointment to discuss a better tomorrow.

"You will never find someone as passionate about fixed assets as Angie."

- Sage Software, Inc.

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Let's discuss your current fixed asset management process. Discover open risks that could be mitigated with process design, automation, standardization, integration, and possible centralization or de-centralization. There is no such thing as 'one size fits all' in fixed asset management.

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