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Capital Process & Policy

The last step in capital spend and fixed asset management should be either updating or creating process documentation and a written policy.

Common Workflow and Policy Questions

Capital Budget Approval

  • Who controls the capital project budget

  • Where is this kept

  • Who approves

  • What are the rules to follow

  • Is it automated or manual

  • Does it need integration

  • Who are the users

Tracking Project Spend

  • Where does this get tracked

  • Are transactions uploaded, manually entered... where

  • Who has access

  • Is it real time

  • Reporting

  • Over/Under budget

Placing Assets In Service

  • Depreciation matrix exist

  • Are assets broken into discrete or componentized

  • Where do they get entered 

  • Reconciliation

  • Reporting

  • Integration

Consultation and Documentation

Taking you all the way through the phase of fixed asset and capital management of consulting, redefining the process, involving all the key players, implementation of systems, data cleansing, to writing documentation to bring it all together. Fixed assets are a huge investment in any business, it's imperative they are managed properly. When they are, savings are everywhere.

Let's get started, together. 

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